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Your COBEA Bargaining Team meant with the City's Bargaining Team on 9/25 where the City delivered their economic proposal.  It was as follows:

1.  Salary Schedule Adjustment for all COBEA Employees - Since the Salary Schedule was "off" from the 5% diagonal step for promotional advancement, the City has proposed a 2.13-3.59 increase within the salary schedule.  All member will receive a bump of some sort.

2.  COLA - Year 1: 0
              Year 2: 2%

              Year 3: 2%

3. Market Adjustment - Through the City's Wage/Comp Study they determined that about 40% of COBEA is paid below the market average for their position.  They are proposing bumping those positions into a new range.  They are proposing adding 8 more ranges, therefore, making 18 total ranges.  See their proposal in the attachments listed below.

4. Pay for Performance - The City is proposing offering pay for performance for those who are at Step 6 of their range.  They will fund the PPP the following way:

     Year 1: 0

     Year 2: 1 %

     Year 3: 1.5%

The fund will be a percentage of those at Step 6.  Ex. If 3 members are at Step 6 in a particular job class, then 1% equitable to their annual wage will be put in a fund.  Management will have the ability to award all three for exceptional work, or some of the three, up to 10%, or it could be .5% or zero.  This was the City's eqivelency to "longevity pay". 

Come to the Brown Bag Meetings to get more info and details.

Come to the Quarterly Membership to hear COBEA's counter-proposal.



The City of Bend presented COBEA with their proposed Red-Line CBA.  We will publish that red-line and a synopsis of their proposal on June 10th.  We will also bring the red-line to our area brown bag meeting to discuss their proposal with our members in detail.  We are doing this after our next bargaining session to get more information and details about their proposal and to ensure we are interpreting the requests correctly before we present it to our body.  This, by NO MEANS, is a final proposal.  It is only their starting point towards negotiations.



They City has submitted the following Changes to the Contract:

Article 3 -
     Sec. 5 - Deferred Comp. - Move to Article 13 for Salary Administation

Article 6 - Non-Discrimination -

Article 7 - Work Schedule

     Sec. 4(f) -  Regular work schedule and 9/80 work schedule. Change language regarding weekend and                       days included in pay period.

     Proposed Addition - Wellness Program - New language for wellness program - enable employees to                                     aggregate their twenty minute break to a ten minute and add to their lunch with                                   supervisor approval. 

     Proposed Addition - Flexible Workweek Schedule - Opportunity for people to work additional hours to                                   take other hours off within the same work week. 9/80 work week employees                                         could be exempt from the flex schedule.

     Sec. 7 - Alternate Schedules change of language

Article 9 - Probation - Increase to 24 months.

Article 11

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