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CBA Votes are counted!
We have a YES - vote from our members.

       173 Members Voted   / 207 Total Members

                              83.9% of Membership Participated

       146 Voted Yes   84.4%

       27 Voted No     15.6%

Proposed CBA goes to Council: (Posted 9/30/16)

City Council will review and vote on the COBEA Contract at the next City Council meeting October 5, 2016.  See the links below regarding documents presented to Council by HR.  Upon a positive vote from the COBEA members and the City Council, the COBEA CBA will be effective October 1, 2016.

COBEA Successor Agreement


COBEA CBA Resolution 2016


COBEA 2016-2019 CBA




The Latest Red-Line Contract Review (Newest Version) - (Posted 9/28/16)

Voting begins TODAY 9/26/16.  Visit us at our CONTRACT MEETING 9/26/16 from 5:30-7:30 for more information and to vote.  Voting will resume on Tuesday, 9/27/16 at the respective work sites.  See you Steward for information.  

Elections Committee Chairperson:  Julie DeVoe

Elections Committee:
     Finance: Julie O'Connor
     Streets: Julie Craig
     Code Enf.:  Julie Craig

     Muni Court: Julie Craig
     WRF: Erynne Fore
     WFF:  Corey Mastrud
     Boyd: Mike Edwards

     IT:  Stephen Aldrich
     EIPD/Growth Mgmt/CDD at Wall St Annex:

           Stephen Aldrich
     CDD: Donna Hamilton

Let the VOTING Begin!!!  Click the here for Updated Contract.

HR Presented the TA'd Contract to Council in last nights meeting during the Executive Session.  Next COBEA will vote on the Contract beginning 9/26/16 and the Contract meeting at Pappy's Pizza from 5:30-7:30pm and at worksites from 9/26-10/4.  Ballots will be counted 10/4.  If a Yes vote prevails, then HR will present the Contract for the first reading at City Council on 10/5.  (Posted 9/22/16)

COBEA's 2016-19 Ta'd Contract DRAFT 2 Redline

-(Posted 9/21/16)    Click here for latest copy.

COBEA's 2016-19 Ta'd Contract DRAFT Redline -(Posted 9/20/16)

COBEA and the City will work in tandum to review the new contract for correct grammer, language and terminology.  We will have a clean version of the contract for everyone by next Monday. Click this link to get the raw redline document.

COBEA Salary/Market Adjustment -(Posted 9/20/16)


2016-19 COBEA Contract Ta'd - (posted 9/16/16)


After a long night of negotiations, the City and COBEA came to a "tentative agreement". Your contract has been agreed upon by both parties and is going to council for approval and will be presented to our membership for approval.


Negotiations started at 3 pm yesterday and ended at 11pm. Both sides proposed and counter-proposed with numerous caucuses to convene as teams reviewed data and discuss options.  This was an arduous task since we represent a large and diverse population.  Our biggest task is that not everyone is paid at what we believe is "market value".  In the City's first proposal they raised 40% of our membership's wages to be at "market value" based on their wage/comp study.  COBEA did their own wage/comp study which indicated about 75 to 80% of our membership's wages were below "market value".  COBEA submitted a counter proposal listing all those wages.  At last night’s meeting the City counter-proposed our proposal.  


Based on the "pie" of money available and approved by the City Manager and Department Heads - the "pie" of money could not be expanded but could be rearranged based on wages, colas or retro-active pay (new contract wages paid back to July 1st/end of last contract). 


We will be presenting details about the Contract at our Quarterly Meeting.  There you will be able to calculate the increases you will receive from this contract.

Learn the details of the contract
Your projected wages and increases
and more.....


Quarterly Membership Meeting
Monday, Sept 19th 5:15-7

Pappy's Pizza
Pizza, Salad, Soda Served



City's Economic Proposal - (link here)


All COBEA work groups - 


Brown Bag Meetings
Wed  9/8  11-11:30am      
WRF-Kerry Training Center


Tue.  9/13  11-11:30am    
15th Lunch Room - Streets/Garage/Code E/Muni Court


Tue 9/13 noon - 1pm    
City Hall - Downtown - Finance, Utility Billing, IT, EIPD, CDD


Wed 9/15 11-11:30am       
Boyd - Bldg B Lunchroom - Utilities.

Quarterly Membership Meeting

Monday 9/19 5:15-7:30pm  
Pappy's Pizza - Pizza, Salad & Soft Drinks.  COBEAs Economic Proposal will be presented.


Pizza will be provided.

Please RSVP to your Steward's Email Calendar Invite if you plan to attend so we know how much pizza to purchase. 

Bargining Meeting - (Posted 8/30/16)
Counter-proposal to Economics with the City of Bend
       Wednesday, August 31st
       Council Chambers
Quarterly Meeting Delayed AGAIN - Scheduled for 9/19/16
POSTPONEMENT – has been POSTPONED – No meeting on August 15th
The City did not received their Wage/Comps in a timely fashion from their consultant.  At our last bargaining session, the City announced that the consultant had “quit” and HR staff will be compiling the Wage/Comp Analysis.  Therefore, the City and COBEA have pushed back our Bargaining schedule to allow for proper prep time. 
The City and COBEA will resume Bargaining on August 25th.  We expect the City will make their first “economic” proposal at that meeting. And a second, “economic” meeting on September 15th.
Therefore, COBEA will push back our QUARTERLY MEETING until September 19th, so we can give our members a full prospectus regarding what the City is proposing and what COBEA is proposing.
If you have any questions, please contact your area Bargaining Member.
Our website will continue to be updated with the latest information.
3rd Quarterly Membership Meeting
SEPTEMBER 19th/ 5:15-7:30pm
Pappy's Pizza
Pizza, Salads and Soda provided.
The Next TWO Bargaining Session - 7/18/16
COBEA and the City are scheduled for bargaining on July 28th and August 11th. We expect to talk ECONOMICS during those sessions.  If you are interested in helping with our own Wage/Comp Survey - please contact your Bargaining Team member in your respective areas.  The City has hired an independent consultant to do their wage/comp analysis.  We want to make sure we have our own information, as well.  Their consultant has not given the City any information yet, however we expect it within the next two weeks.
BARGAINING TEAM TA's Select Articles - 7/14/16
  • Your Bargaining Team worked in tandem with the City of Bend's Bargaining Team to come to a resolution/agreement on some select CBA Articles.  Click here to see the ​document.  They are in their working form, therefore items that are underlined are new additions to the document and items that have a strike out thru the verbiage have been removed.  In some cases you will see notes or comments that will be included in the final articles.​

BARGAINING Calendar 6/29/16

The next bargaining sessions with the City of Bend will be on July 14 and 28th from 3-8pm at the North Fire Training Room.  All are encouraged to attend.  We believe the City will have their Wage Study back from their consultant and make a counter proposal to COLA presentation on 7/28.  


COBEAs COLA Presentation  (click here)



City's Red-Line  (click here)

The City presented COBEA with their proposed red-line cba.  Pl

  • City of Bend Proposed CBA Contract  Redline - 6/13/16​     click here
    • The City has submited it's initial redline proposal regarding changes they would like added/deleted or edited to the current contract.  This by NO MEANS is a final document.  It is simply the City's first rendition of what they are asking.  Your bargaining team will continue to negotiate on your behalf.  Please note the City's requests:
      • No COLA,
      • About $20 to $30 wage decrease for members based on their new LEAP software rounding situation, 
      • No 6 month step increases,
      • Probation - 24 month probation period for new hires and 12 month probation for internal promotion OR LATERAL transfers; 
      • Payroll - by-weekly payroll,
      • Documents - short timelines for COBEA admin to turn around documents - from a volunteer based admin,
      • Membership Info - less requirement for them to tell us about membership retirements, terminations, cancellations, leaves, new employees, salary changes, personnel actions and more;
      • Comp-Time - No cashing out comp-time to VEBA; OT-prior commitment clause is taken out;
      • Discipline - Coaching and Counseling clause is added but oral warning is taken out; Mediation is added; Arbitration rules are changed
      • Evaluations - Everyone at the same set time of year - City can modify employee's anniversary date to a different calendar-based date
      • Worker's Comp changes
    • NOTE - Redline shows original contracts salary schedules and has not been updates in the City's Redline Proposal
    • And more .......



Third Bargaining Meeting

The City and your COBEA Bargaining Teams are preparing for the 3rd Bargaining Session.  At this session all proposed Article changes will be out on the board.  

Please check back after 5/26/16 to see all proposed changes from both COBEA and the City.

Health Care MOU - The Insurance Committee has worked diligently on vetting ideas and benefits for our members.  The Committee recommended the implementation of Telemedicine and a hearing aid benefit for all City employees. These are excellent benefits for our members.


The City sent COBEA the proposed MOU the day before the last bargaining meeting (May 12th) with the expectation that COBEA would sign off on May 12th.  In the MOU the City had placed language that if we signed it on May 12th we would not be able to bargain over any further health care issues or benefits relating to health care after that MOU was signed.  At that time we had not had the opportunity to open Article 22 or propose anything relating to health care insurance.  Since this was a HUGE topic among our membership, COBEA did not sign the MOU.  


To serve the best interests of our members COBEA decided to wait until we have had the opportunity to put all of our proposals on the table, which will be on 5/26/16.



Bargaining Notes-

How we got to the final CBA.

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