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Employers say the #1 reason

employees do not progress at

work is because they either

stopped giving their employers a full day's work or they never gave work a

full day's work.  It comes down to performance.


If you want to progress in your workplace here are 13 things you should NOT do... 


The 13 MOST Common Reasons You're Likely To Get Fired, by Katya Wachtel, Business Insider


13. Complaining about your boss or company on Facebook or Twitter


12. Being drunk at work


11. Unauthorized surfing of the internet, or breach of company email policy


10.  Refusing to follow orders or directions


9.  Sexually harassing your co-worker


8.  Engaging in office gossip, or complaining about work


7.  Becoming embroiled in office politics


6.  Sleeping on the job


5.  Getting caught lying or stealing


4.  Absenteeism or bad time-keeping


3.  Being caught lying on your job application or resume


2.  Bringing your personal problems into the office


1.  Poor performance


*******    *******   *******    ******


You would think some of these items listed above would be givens - you don't sleep on the job - but people sometimes loose sight of what is right and what is wrong and grow complacent.  


Even though you and your job are protected by a contract doesn't mean that poor performance is acceptable or will be without retribution should you lose sight of giving our employer a full day's work.


Members often ask why they were not picked for a job.  Although there are many variables, such as there are 10 candidates and 1 position. Therefore, 1 person wins and 9 lose - doesn't mean you are a loser or doing anything wrong.  But, it is always good to do a self-reflection and ask...what can I do to better myself and prepare for the next time a position comes available. 


Remember that old saying:  




Self's good for everyone.


Ask your boss and co-workers what you can do to improve.

Ask to be critiqued. 


State your goals to your boss.


Take a resume' writing class.


Get interview tips off of the internet.


Ask for help.


Be present at your current job.


Work at your current job with HONOR!



COBEA is a strong, good workforce. Look for more job and labor skill information at - coming soon.


What's to be is up to.....YOU!  Go forth and conquer!



Julie Price
COBEA President

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